Honey Prices

Here is a list of the honey we have available. To place an order please email info@healthyconnectionslondon.ca or use the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Honey Liquid 400g Glass Bear Jar $6.00 500g Glass Jar $6.00 1kg Glass Jar $11.50 2kg Pail $21.00 3kg Pail $30.75 10lb Pail $45.00 15lb Pail $67.50 30lb Pail … Continue reading Honey Prices

Eggplant Pizza

One thing we enjoyed before changing to a grain-free lifestyle was pizza. Tom would eat pizza every day if he could.  Since changing our diet we have been trying to find something that would fill this hole in our lives.  We had tried a flax meal based crust, but it did not satisfy our pizza … Continue reading Eggplant Pizza

Zucchini Soup

As I have said before, we menu plan each week. This helps us to stick to our budget and also not waste food. If we know exactly what we are making, then we know exactly what we need to buy. We definitely have room for improvement with our planning. We are notorious for just putting … Continue reading Zucchini Soup