Fall CSA October 15

I think I somehow convinced myself there was more time between the end of the summer season and the start of the fall one. Clearly there was not as much time as I thought as the season started tonight and I am in shock! Michelle from Fair Meadow Farm has provided us with a wonderful bounty to enjoy.


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CSA October 4

So that’s a total fail! I totally missed last weeks list and am super late posting this one! I apologise if you were looking for clarification on items in your bin! In other news, our Healthy Connections family grew again as Shaun and Michelle welcomed their little baby into their family last week! All are … Continue reading CSA October 4

CSA September 6

Well I’d say we had an eventful trip to the farm this morning! Now normally Tom or Shaun would go to the farm and pick up all the awesome produce. Today was a different story. Shaun was unable to go so the plan was for Tom to go. He was feeling under the weather and so he asked if I would go. Of course I said yes because I love going to the farm and because I am an amazing wife. Continue reading “CSA September 6”

CSA August 23

The harvest sure was plentiful this week. Bins were packed full of amazing produce this week! My personal favourite is the delicious raspberries! They are so good! They are not making it to see another day in our house! Too good!!

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CSA June 14

Do you know how many times this weekend I said to myself, ‘post the CSA list on the blog Katie’ and had full intentions of doing it? A lot!! And here it is almost 2am Monday morning and as I’m up with our youngest son I’m finally doing it.

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CSA May 24

Well it seems spring weather is here! Holy moly it’s hot out! I am a winter lover so any heat above 20 degrees is excessive to me – especially if there is humidity. But summer weather means plants are growing!! We planted some of our plants into our garden in our backyard this weekend. We still have about half to plant and some seeds to buy and plant. So far we have bell peppers, beefsteak and Roma tomatoes, garlic (which we planted in the fall) and eggplant. We also plan to grow cucumbers.

It’ll be awesome to have all these plants out of our tiny kitchen!
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CSA Feedback

If you haven’t been a part of a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) before, the idea of signing up and committing to receive produce for 21 weeks this summer may be scary. Not knowing what to expect product wise and quality wise can be scary. While you could take our word for it that the food is amazing and delicious (check out that picture below!) we thought we would share with you some feedback we have received from our customers about the bins. For more information on our CSA program click here.

A CSA bin from 2013 summer season.
A CSA bin from 2013 summer season.

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There is pretty much a supplement for everything you can possibly think of! Looking at a list it can be overwhelming but chances are at some point we’ve either been told by a healthcare professional to take one or have made the decision ourselves to look into taking one. The goal is obviously to get … Continue reading Supplements!

Fall CSA November 20

It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through the fall CSA season.  Michelle has once again provided us with an amazing bin full of amazing produce. In this weeks bin we have included a business card for The Hungary Butcher.  Both of our families shop there for the majority of our meats.  If you are looking for some amazing sausages or bacon (or pretty much anything) be sure to check them out at the Western Fair Farmers Market or Ogilvies Market on weekends or else at their store on Dundas.

Another awesome bin
Another awesome bin


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Summer CSA October 8

Our final bin of the summer season! It is so hard to believe how fast the season has gone and how much delicious produce we have delivered and tasted.  I don’t know about you but we tried a lot of new vegetables we had never had before and loved! We hope that all of our summer customers have enjoyed their bins!  There are a few spots available for fall if you are still interested! Check out our page here.

This week our bins included popcorn. It intrigues me greatly. Below are the directions.


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