Katie and Tom’s Garden 2014!

Once again this year we are attempting to grow some of our own produce in our backyard garden. We started our seeds in February with dreams of wonderful tomatoes, peppers and even eggplants. I should say we started our garden in the fall when we planted our garlic that we then covered for the winter.

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CSA May 24

Well it seems spring weather is here! Holy moly it’s hot out! I am a winter lover so any heat above 20 degrees is excessive to me – especially if there is humidity. But summer weather means plants are growing!! We planted some of our plants into our garden in our backyard this weekend. We still have about half to plant and some seeds to buy and plant. So far we have bell peppers, beefsteak and Roma tomatoes, garlic (which we planted in the fall) and eggplant. We also plan to grow cucumbers.

It’ll be awesome to have all these plants out of our tiny kitchen!
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CSA May 17

It’s hard to believe that our second year of working with Orchard Hill Farm has begun! We are so excited to be partnered with Ken and Martha again and can’t wait to deliver more of their awesome organic produce to our customers.
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