Here is a list of the supplements we have available. To place an order please email or use the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.  If there is another supplement you would like us to look into getting for you please contact us and we can check with our suppliers and see if we … Continue reading Supplements

CSA August 22

How about those purple potatoes?? I was totally not expecting them to be so purple on the inside!!! But man I do love CSA potatoes.  This weeks bin contains  2 of summer squash, cucumber and eggplant  8 green onions 2 onions Quart of potatoes Mesclun mix or spinach  1 box of tomatoes and garlic  6 … Continue reading CSA August 22

CSA August 8

What a bin!!! Our first sweet corn for the year! I remember my first taste of sweet corn from Orchard Hill Farm 2 summers ago! It blew me away! The best corn I’ve ever had!! I cannot wait to have some of this years.  This weeks bin contains: 2 summer squash 1 cucumber  1 quart … Continue reading CSA August 8

CSA August 1 

Can anyone tell me how it’s already August? That is crazy!! We received this update from our farmers this week. As you can tell from the list below the melons were in fact ready for this week!  The sweet corn should be ready in a week and we are anticipating a bumper crop of squash … Continue reading CSA August 1 

CSA July 18

Holy cannoli is it ever hot!! We cooled off this morning with the kiddos in the little pool. How I wished it was a big pool!  This weeks bin is a great one as  we get into the bigger harvests. All customers are also getting some beautiful fresh flowers.     3 Summer squash  1 … Continue reading CSA July 18

Tomato Chicken Soup

So we haven’t shared a recipe in awhile. Mostly because every time we create something awesome we don’t have measurements. We just sorta make it happen. Even this recipe won’t have precise measurements but ballpark ones. I find with soups I just kind of go for it.     On Saturday we went out with family … Continue reading Tomato Chicken Soup

CSA July 11

Another summer week has come to an end and another CSA bin is out for delivery. We are getting into the heart of the season so bins will be getting fuller.  This weeks bin contains  2 summer squash 1 cucumber 1 quart of beans (I had said peas when I first posted but I’m playing … Continue reading CSA July 11

CSA June 27

This  weeks bin contains  Hakurei turnip Green onions Garlic scrapes (the curly green things – great in omelettes, stir fry, salads, and so many other things) Beets Head lettuce Snap peas Kale Kohlrabi    Herbs: chives, dill and cilantro  Enjoy and we hope you have a great Canada Day!  -Katie  Continue reading CSA June 27

CSA June 13

It’s the greatest day of the year!! There are fresh strawberries in our bins!! I was so thrilled to see Tom come home with our bin and to see him and the boys enjoying some delicious strawberries. These beauties don’t last long in our house!!!   We ate a few before taking the picture.  Then … Continue reading CSA June 13

CSA June 6 

What a beautiful day it was Saturday! In my opinion that was the perfect spring/summer day. Not too hot and not too cold.  This weekends CSA bin  contained  8 radish 10 rhubarb Mesclun mix or head lettuce  Pac choi Lots of spinach 8 green onions 4 hakurei  Herb- cilantro  Many of you are probably wondering … Continue reading CSA June 6