Everyone wants to be healthy. I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t want to be. Our world however doesn’t look just at health. We are obsessed with numbers! We have to be a certain size, weigh under a certain number, lose a certain number of inches in a certain number of days. Why? Why are we so obsessed with meeting ‘standards?’ Why can’t we just be healthy?

I know some people do need to lose weight to be healthier and others need to gain weight to be healthy. I think we need to focus on the word healthy. In order to be healthy we need to take care of more than just our bodies. We have to be concerned with our mental health as well. If we become obsessed with meeting goals of losing weight or inches then we cannot possibly be healthy. If we let society dictate what we are looking for in our body we cannot be healthy. We have to find our worth and happiness in ourselves in order to be healthy.

Our goal as a family is to be healthy. We want to raise our boys to be healthy and strong. We want to educate them to make wise choices for their own health as they grow. We want them to know that society isn’t always right.

At this moment I feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt. Three years ago this month Tom and I got married. In the months leading up to our wedding I was working out constantly to prepare for the day. I had to look my best in my dress after all.

Within a month of our wedding we were expecting our first child and I was beginning to gain weight – the opposite of my previous goal. I gained 50lbs with my first pregnancy and near the end we made the decision to change the way that we were eating and we began to cut processed foods and grains out of our diet. Within a few short weeks of having our son I had lost all my baby weight and was starting to go under my prepregnancy weight. While some of this was likely a benefit from breastfeeding, I think most of it had to do with our change in diet and attitude. I ended up 20 lbs below my prepregnancy weight and felt amazing.


The hard part in all this is that while I was feeling great and celebrating my successful loss of all my baby weight, I was feeling pressure from those around me for having lost ‘too much’ weight. Here I was feeling greater than I had in years and I was being dragged down by what other people were saying. It was hard and I began to worry that maybe I was losing too much weight. I started looking into my BMI and whether it had dropped too much and what should I be doing.

Thankfully I soon realised that the problem wasn’t with me. I needed to be happy with who I was and if I was that was all that mattered. I felt great and I needed to not let people drag me down. Regardless of whether or not I had lost the weight, our change in attitude towards health and what we fueled our bodies with, would have made me healthier.


Whether you are at your ideal weight or not, you need to accept who you are in order to be healthy. So if you’re stuck trying to lose weight or trying to be a certain size take a break. Take some time for you. Take some time to figure out what makes you happy in life beyond your size. Be grateful for the opportunities you have to make a change and to live your life to the fullest.

Be healthy – however it looks for you!!