CSA July 26

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Please forgive this post happening on Sunday night.

Yesterday was a big day at our home. If you read our story on Why We Eat the Way We Eat you would know that in 2009 Tom was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After surgery and chemotherapy everything seemed to be gone and this past week Tom was given the all clear on 5 years cancer free! This was a big moment in our lives because while we have has nothing but good results each appointment there was always some worry in the back of our heads every time we’d enter the cancer clinic. Reaching this milestone takes any (ok most) worry away.

To celebrate I decided to hold a surprise party for Tom and have friends and family over for a BBQ. I am usually quite terrible at keeping surprises but somehow managed to pull this one off. After Tom delivered the CSA bins he was greeted at our house and was actually surprised!

Holding the party kept me busy as there was a lot of cleaning and prep to do at our house. I kept meaning to post the CSA list but I kept finding other tasks I needed to complete before people showed up.

This weekends bins contained
-7 green onions
-8 carrots
-2 summer squash
-1 cucumber
-1 eggplant or 1 kohlrabi
-1 head of lettuce
-1 bag of either spinach, kale or rainbow Swiss chard
-1 head of garlic
-2 large Tom sized handfuls of string beans
-a whole lot of basil



CSA July 19

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How do you make a 2 year olds day? By timing our drive to Orchard Hill Farm so perfectly that we happened to be the first vehicle at the railroad crossing as Thomas the Tank passed by.



CSA July 12

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I am slowly learning I suck at time management. I made a post about it previously but seriously! I fail! Kids definitely throw it all for a loop but still! Like why do I constantly fail at posting the CSA list on the Saturday it arrives? I always remember as I’m going to bed and then I say ok ill do it Sunday….but that doesn’t happen!

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CSA July 5

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It’s refuelling time in our house. The boys are napping, Tom’s out at a BBQ and I’m just settling down for a cup of coffee after doing a good clean of all our toys. The toys have received their lovely vinegar bath and are now basking in the sun. Time for coffee and to plan out our meals for the rest of the the week.

CSA June 28

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Talk about an epic fail!!

Here is this weeks CSA list…super late.


I promise to never fail so badly again…or at least I’ll try not to!

Happy belated Canada Day!