CSA Week #11

This weeks bin is once again filled with new produce. We expect each week to receive something we haven’t the week before! It’s so exciting for us each week to go out to the farm and see what wonderful produce Ken and Martha have for us to bring to you.
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Pepper Ring Eggs

Some days we are perfectly happy to have eggs over easy with bacon. Other days we need a little variety in our breakfasts without having to do a tonn of extra work like making banana pancakes.   Recently a friend of mine posted a picture of pepper ring eggs and it intrigued me a lot. This … Continue reading Pepper Ring Eggs

CSA Week #10

***CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. For the summer we have teamed up with Orchard Hill Farm and we deliver fresh, organically grown produce from their farm to the doors of families in London. For more information please see this post here.***   Once again this week we see the addition of new summer produce … Continue reading CSA Week #10

Banana Pancakes

Wow! I cannot believe how slacking I have been on blogging. I started a new job last week and it really distracted me from posting some great recipes. Tom and I have so many pictures taken and blogs ready to write but I just need to buckle down and write them. I have better plans for my time this week and hopefully moving forward we won’t have another week like last without much from us.

When we switched to a grain free diet, breakfast was the second hardest meal (dinner was easy and lunch was the ABSOLUTE hardest). Both of us love eggs but we had always included cereal or oatmeal in our breakfast rotations.  We adjusted fairly well to eating eggs daily and LOVE bacon.

Who doesn't love bacon!
Who doesn’t love bacon!

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CSA Week #9

I feel like each week I want to start the blog by saying, ‘another great bin,’ but I stop myself from doing it….but it really is another great bin! We are starting to hit some of the bigger summer vegetables in this weeks bin. Just a reminder to make sure that you have your bin … Continue reading CSA Week #9

CSA Week #8

This week we present, GREEN!  There is a lot of greens in this weeks baskets. In case you didn’t notice we have been rotating each week between mesclun mix and head lettuce. This week is a mesclun mix week. On top of that we also got a large amount of spinach and a new addition … Continue reading CSA Week #8

Beeswax Candles Price List

Another great product we are happy to offer you is beeswax candles. Did you know that beeswax is the only known substance that emits a negative ion when burned? This circulates into the air and neutralizes positive static charges that keep contaminants in the air.  This causes the contaminants to fall to the floor because of the change in weight.  The candle also has a convection current that pulls the contaminants into the flame and eliminating them. Beeswax candles are great and burn brighter, cleaner and 3 times longer than most other candles available. (Provided by Oxford Honey)

There are several different types of candles that we can offer you!

Beeswax Candles
Beeswax Candles

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Tom and Katie’s Garden Update – July

It has been a month since we last updated you on the status of our garden so I thought I would share some more pics and a bit of an update. We don’t have any produce yet to eat but a lot of things are flowering and will start growing very soon! It is very exciting!! We inspect the garden almost daily.

Spaghetti Squash
Spaghetti Squash

We are very excited about the spaghetti squash. They are a new love for us since going grain free so we can’t wait to eat our own!

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Grain Free Crepes

I follow a lot of paleo and primal blogs on Facebook and Twitter. I like to see the recipes they post and I like reading when they share about how living this lifestyle has impacted them.  Lately this has become a challenge to me. Being pregnant any recipe I see I NEED to have.  Tom and I have been watching Master Chef lately and EVERYTHING they cook I immediately crave. I can’t help it. Even when they cook things I have never had before I want.  When they cook grain filled goodies I WANT THEM SO BAD! Since going grain free I can honestly say that I have not had a strong desire to go back to our old ways. I like the way we eat and I feel great. This pregnancy has thrown that all out the window. When I was pregnant with our son I only ate bagels and peanut butter for the first 4 months because it was all I could stomach. This time I am finding it hard to find other foods that fill my needs and desires but it is also forcing us to be creative. Continue reading “Grain Free Crepes”