It’s hard to believe our fall season is already over! Last deliveries were yesterday night after taking New Year’s Day off.

Our family celebrating New Years differently this year by welcoming our newest addition, a little baby boy, on early morning New Year’s Eve day. It’s been an exciting busy week – definitely one where we appreciate having our bin with produce fresh from the farm!!

This weeks bins featured:
6 onions
1 squash
12 -13 lbs potatoes
4.5 lbs carrots
1 celeriac
5 beets (mixed golden, red, and cylindra)
1 winter radish (green meat)
3 leeks
1 bag dried beans (vermont cranberry, kenearly white, midnight black turtle, or Fairmeadow Farm soup mix)
1 bag kale (this has a bit of cold damage on it this week, but i thought was still worth picking. not the most beautiful perhaps, but still rather delicious/good for one’s January resolutions!)
1 napa cabbage

extras: few small onions

We hope you all had a safe and amazing Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Wishing you all the best in 2014 from our families to yours!