Spring is an exciting time for so many reasons! Nature is working hard to recover from winter and new life is popping up all around. This year we are planting our own garden for the first time. We’re not 100% sure what we’re doing but are excited for the possibilities. Right now we have planted inside three types of tomatoes, two types of bell peppers, two types of spicey peppers, and spaghetti squash. I like checking out the plants each day and seeing how things are coming. It’s so amazing to look and see how new life is growing right in our own kitchen. I told Tom that if even one of these plants of each type grows some produce I will be so happy!!

We wanted to grow our own fruits and veggies so we knew where they came from and to save money. Eating fresh food is something we both enjoy! We love vegetables and fruit and definitely get our 5-10 a day but eating fresh is not always cheap. We have been eating a modified version of the paleo diet for over a year.  When we first switched our diet we struggled to find a balance in our budget. We couldn’t just watch for sales on prepared pasta and pasta sauce to help lower our costs. We now make all our own sauces and use spaghetti squash – not always cheap. For us health is not something to cut cost on, and as a result we knew that we needed to expand our food budget and maybe cut other places until we settled in to our new lifestyle.  Knowing where our food is coming from is something that is of great importance to us know that we have another mouth to feed.  We like the idea of knowing that our son is getting nutritious food that doesn’t contain chemicals and filler.

Healthy Connections is a family business run by Tom and myself, with our friends Shaun and Michelle.  Our goal is to connect other families with the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle.  We connect people in London with farmers and help them to get fresh produce and honey.  We also have a range of health supplements available.  The excitement Tom and I feel about growing our own food, is one we all feel in starting out on this business together.  We are excited to be able to help other people in living more healthy lives.

There is so much we want to share with you here on our Healthy Connections blog.  On our blog we plan to share with you recipes, our products, and our lives in general . We hope that you enjoy reading, cooking and sharing our lives with us!