First off what is with all this rain? I feel like we might need to build a boat soon.

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Tonight we tried a new recipe for dinner. I was very excited to give this one a try because it was something I had never thought of before. We have had stuffed peppers many times before and done different variations. It had never occurred to us to do stuffed tomatoes until I found this recipe. We picked up some great tomatoes from the market on the weekend. Last night I made a delicious tomato sauce with some roma tomatoes for our zucchini lasagna.


We are growing our own tomatoes from seeds and come mid May we will be planting them in our garden. Soon we will be able to make these with our very own tomatoes!!

Back to dinner.

As usual, I took the recipe and made some changes for us. We used tomato basil sausages to stuff the tomatoes with and added garlic. We also didn’t use mushrooms. Instead I cut up pepper and zucchini and cooked it with the meat.

After pictures didn’t happen because the tomatoes exploded and there was no saving it. Overall it was good but a little too tomatoey for us. If we do this recipe again we wouldn’t mix all the tomato insides back in with the meat. Tom says we’ll stick to stuffing peppers.