To be 100% honest, up until the last year I wasn’t a big fan of honey. We never really had honey growing up. All I remember of it was hive shaped containers that were usually full of crystallized honey when we needed some.

Tom has been a big fan and when he discovered this honey from Oxford Honey and Supplies he fell in love! He brought some home and made me try it and I kid you not, my eyes were opened. The honey I had tasted before was very processed and full of sugar.  This honey was pure. As one friend of ours said, ‘you can taste the local flowers in it.’

A sample of the honey available

A sample of the honey available

The more I have opened my eyes up to honey, the more I have discovered about it and it’s many uses.  In the past year I have discovered the awesomeness of coconut oil and today I joked with Tom that between honey and coconut oil what more can we possibly need?

John, the beekeeper from Oxford Honey, shared the following story with Tom and Shaun when they went to pick up our honey order this past weekend.  It is a story of how honey was used to help heal a wound of a horse. This was sent to us via email from John and originally appeared in a beekeeper magazine, The Sting.  Unfortunately, it gets cut off in the post but if you click the image of the text it will expand and you can read the whole article.  I am constantly amazed at how great honey is.