CSA September 20

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We used to be faithful meal planners but fell off the bandwagon since our baby was born….almost 9 months ago….BUT I am happy to report we have gotten back into it and it has made all the difference! Life is so much less stressful when we plan our dinners and lunches. We try to plan to have leftovers from dinners to provide a protein for the 4 of us in our family plus the two children I have in my home daycare for lunch the next day. It’s hard at times – especially when we’re extra hungry at dinner but the good news is by planning ahead we can adjust and make it work.

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September 13 CSA

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As I type this post my hands are covered in beet juice. I am stained from cutting up one GIANT beet for our dinner tonight.



Fall CSA!

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Fall CSA season is fast approaching! I can hardly believe it but at the same time I cannot wait! I love the fall CSA for all the squashes we get. I absolutely love squash – roast or as a soup it just makes me so happy!! Once again this fall we are partnering with Michelle Jory from Fairmeadow Farm in delivering to you 6 bins of fresh, local, and organic produce. These deliveries will happen on Wednesday evenings beginning on October 15. Deliveries occur every two weeks – October 15, October 29, November 12, November 26, December 10, December 24 (delivery on Christmas Eve may be at a different time). Each bin contains enough food for two adults or a small family for two weeks.

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In your fall CSA bin you can expect to receive:
•  Arugula  •  Beets  •  Broccoli  •  B’Sprouts  •  Bok Choy  •  Cabbage  •  Carrots  •  Cauliflower  •
Celery Root •  Dried Beans  •  Endive/Escarole  •  Fennel  •  Herbs  •  Kale  •   Kohlrabi
•  Leeks  •  Lettuce  •  Mixed Salad Greens •  Napa Cabbage  •  Onions  • Parsnips  •  Potatoes  •  Pumpkins  •
•  Rutabaga  •  Spinach  •  Squash  •  Swiss Chard  •  Tender Turnips  •  Winter Radish  •


The total cost for a share is $350. We require a $50 deposit immediately to ensure your share. We have a limited number of shares we have secured and after they are filled availability may be limited. The remaining $300 is either due as one payment on October 1 or broken up as two payments of $150 each due on November 1 and December 1.

If you are interested to see what came in a bin please check out our posts here  or here.


Please email us at info@healthyconnectionslondon.ca if you would like to put your name on a share or have any questions. Please note that until we receive your deposit your share is not guaranteed.


Road Trip Wrap Up: Cooking

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As I said in a previous post, we were excited about having a full kitchen in our cottage while we were on vacation. This allowed us in many ways to eat as we normally would have just on PEI. We were there with my immediate family and so we had decided to do dinners together but other meals would be fend for yourselves. We eat very different than my family does (as with most of the world) with our decision to go paleo. People often ask what they can cook for us because they’re baffled mostly by the lack of grain/gluten. Our answer is always meat and potatoes and we’re good. More

CSA September 6

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Well I’d say we had an eventful trip to the farm this morning! Now normally Tom or Shaun would go to the farm and pick up all the awesome produce. Today was a different story. Shaun was unable to go so the plan was for Tom to go. He was feeling under the weather and so he asked if I would go. Of course I said yes because I love going to the farm and because I am an amazing wife. More