Tomato Jalapeno Soup

One of my favourite soups of all time is tomato. Growing up my favourite was Heinz brand and I could not stand Campbells’. Yes I’m talking the canned variety. Since moving to a grain free lifestyle, our diet no longer consists of most prepared foods. We prepare everything from scratch for the most part. This has been sad for me.  At times I miss the convenience of having prepared food in my cupboard but I also enjoy exploring the flavours of fresh foods and am proud when I have culinary success!

Tomato Jalapeno Soup!
Tomato Jalapeno Soup!

I LOVE to cook is soup. I feel like with soup you can be so creative and there really isn’t too many ways that you can mess it up. Fall means the start of soup season! While I believe you can eat soup any time of the year, there is nothing better than enjoying a warm bowl of soup on a chilly fall or winter day. Continue reading “Tomato Jalapeno Soup”

Summer CSA September 24

It’s weird to write summer CSA when we are now officially into the fall season. Just 2 more weeks remain for our summer CSA season and two weeks after that will be our first bin for the fall season. To get in on the action for fall CSA check it out here. Continue reading “Summer CSA September 24”

Summer CSA September 17

Many weeks when I write out the blog on what is in our CSA bins for our customers I seem to mention a theme. Well for this week the theme would be big or heavy. The bins are once again filled with amazing produce. When Shaun arrived to our house from the farm he wouldn’t let me carry them since I’m 5 months pregnant and all. The bins are full of an amazing bounty of produce that Tom and I can’t wait to dive into.

This weeks bins feature:
-1 quart of beans
-2 quarts of potatoes
-mixed veggies: everyone got 1-2 tomatoes, and broccoli or eggplant

20130917-222549.jpg Continue reading “Summer CSA September 17”

Summer CSA September 10

What a week! This weather has been absolutely crazy! We go from a humidex of 45 C earlier in the week to a high of 13 on Friday. Crazy! Michelle ventured out to the farm this week in the heat to pick up our bins from the farmer. What a hot trip that was for her.

I apologize for this post being late. Our little man isn’t feeling quite like himself so finding time to blog has been a bit harder than it used to be.  Continue reading “Summer CSA September 10”

Summer CSA September 3

Fresh, delicious raspberries are back this week! Last week was the first pick your own raspberries week and Michelle and I went out to the farm with the intention of picking as many as we could. Unfortunately the bushes were not as optimistic as us. Thankfully this week they seem to be back and Shaun … Continue reading Summer CSA September 3