CSA July 18

Holy cannoli is it ever hot!! We cooled off this morning with the kiddos in the little pool. How I wished it was a big pool!  This weeks bin is a great one as  we get into the bigger harvests. All customers are also getting some beautiful fresh flowers.     3 Summer squash  1 … Continue reading CSA July 18

Tomato Chicken Soup

So we haven’t shared a recipe in awhile. Mostly because every time we create something awesome we don’t have measurements. We just sorta make it happen. Even this recipe won’t have precise measurements but ballpark ones. I find with soups I just kind of go for it.     On Saturday we went out with family … Continue reading Tomato Chicken Soup

CSA July 11

Another summer week has come to an end and another CSA bin is out for delivery. We are getting into the heart of the season so bins will be getting fuller.  This weeks bin contains  2 summer squash 1 cucumber 1 quart of beans (I had said peas when I first posted but I’m playing … Continue reading CSA July 11