CSA August 30

Another beautiful day today in London. We hope everyone received their produce without anything suffer too badly from the heat. We packed those bins as fast as possible to avoid being in the heat longer than necessary. Even our 8 month old got in on the bin packing party. Poor little man is teething and didn’t want to be put down. So I had him in a carrier on my back helping Tom out. He enjoyed the hard work. Continue reading “CSA August 30”

CSA August 23

The harvest sure was plentiful this week. Bins were packed full of amazing produce this week! My personal favourite is the delicious raspberries! They are so good! They are not making it to see another day in our house! Too good!!

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CSA August 16

As we finish our journey home we cannot wait to dive into our CSA bin! It’s been fun cooking on vacation. We had our own kitchen which is key when trying to eat paleo while away from home. We also look forward to seeing how our own garden has grown while we were away! I’m … Continue reading CSA August 16

CSA August 9

When the blogger goes on vacation things get delayed. So without further delay this weeks CSA bins included -cabbage -1 quart of potatoes -mesclun mix or 1 head of lettuce -1 quart of broccoli -2 summer squash -6 green onion -1 bag of green beans -1 quart of tomatoes -7 ears of sweet corn -herbs:cilantro, … Continue reading CSA August 9

Road Tripping: Day 3 Wrap Up

Well we survived day 3. It was the last of our long days before getting to the Gentle Island. It was a much better day than day 2. Our baby boy was much happier with his teething thankfully. The smartest decision for the trip is letting the kids dictate our stops. We’ve been averaging stopping about every 2 hours for one thing or another which is what we figured would happen anyways. Poor little man just wants to be cuddled as he grows his teeth but we can’t. I feel like a terrible mom!

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Road Tripping: Day 2 wrap up

Day 2 was not ideal. Our baby is teething and that made for a longer trip than what was ideal. Poor boy was not loving life in the car seat so we stopped often. Our two year old was great. At the stops he’d get out and run and run. He was so happy to run around and be silly with us.

Giving him the opportunity to run and play is key! It’s key for Tom too! As the driver he’s been making sure at stops to take time to move and work on joint to joint movement keeping the blood flowing.

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