I follow a lot of paleo and primal blogs on Facebook and Twitter. I like to see the recipes they post and I like reading when they share about how living this lifestyle has impacted them.  Lately this has become a challenge to me. Being pregnant any recipe I see I NEED to have.  Tom and I have been watching Master Chef lately and EVERYTHING they cook I immediately crave. I can’t help it. Even when they cook things I have never had before I want.  When they cook grain filled goodies I WANT THEM SO BAD! Since going grain free I can honestly say that I have not had a strong desire to go back to our old ways. I like the way we eat and I feel great. This pregnancy has thrown that all out the window. When I was pregnant with our son I only ate bagels and peanut butter for the first 4 months because it was all I could stomach. This time I am finding it hard to find other foods that fill my needs and desires but it is also forcing us to be creative.

One blog I follow is Against All Grain. She shares some amazing recipes! Recently she posted a recipe for grain free crepes/tortillas/lasagna noodles. Once I saw them I HAD to have them. Luckily we were going to Tom’s brothers for dinner that night. We had been planning on bringing a salad, but when I saw this recipe I made the switch and claimed dessert and were making crepes.

I followed the recipe exactly as outlined. One minor substitution we made was that we didn’t have coconut flour. Instead I took shredded coconut and put it in the bullet. I found this did not work as well as if we had actual coconut flour. The flakes didn’t entirely break down into flour. When we make this recipe again we will be buying coconut flour.



I made the crepes ahead of time and stacked them with parchment paper in between so they wouldn’t stick.  Since the decision to make crepes was last minute we didn’t have a lot on hand for stuffing and topping. I cooked down some strawberries (from our CSA bin) and blueberries, cut up bananas and had some extra fresh berries. We also melted some chocolate and brought some Greek yogurt.


Drizzled with chocolate

These turned out amazing! Everyone loved them! I actually got 12 from the recipe (she said it would yield 10) which worked out perfectly as there were 6 adults eating.



I apologize for how dark the pictures of the final products are. We used Tom’s phone for them and it isn’t as great as mine is….Android fail!

We will definitely be using this recipe again! Next time for lasagna noodles! YUMMY!