Coconut Flour Pancakes

Our breakfasts for a long time now have generally been our banana pancakes , eggs, and bacon. Occasionally we will switch it up as we want or our supplies necessitate. Our youngest boy is now almost 11 months and he has been eating breakfast with us since he was about 8 months (he refused purees and got 6 teeth before he turned 8 months and then wanted the real deal). He doesn’t like eggs and too many bananas has been causing him trouble with going to the bathroom. So we needed to switch things up.

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Basil Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Fall Veggies

Our weekly meal plans always include a full chicken. We usually roast it in the oven but occasionally will cook it in the slow cooker (generally in the summer since roasting a chicken for 1.5-2 hours is sometimes just too hot). As I was making our dinner today I thought to myself, ‘I should move north so I can roast meals 365 days a year!’ But Tom would never go for that – even if I guaranteed delicious meals daily.


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Road Tripping: Day 2 wrap up

Day 2 was not ideal. Our baby is teething and that made for a longer trip than what was ideal. Poor boy was not loving life in the car seat so we stopped often. Our two year old was great. At the stops he’d get out and run and run. He was so happy to run around and be silly with us.

Giving him the opportunity to run and play is key! It’s key for Tom too! As the driver he’s been making sure at stops to take time to move and work on joint to joint movement keeping the blood flowing.

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Road tripping: Paleo Style

Having left our house and dog Bauer in the capable hands of a family friend, we have embarked on our first big road trip since changing to a grain free paleo lifestyle. We travel frequently from London to Peterborough to visit my family so we’re used to 3-4 hour trips. This time we are going further. After a stop in Peterborough tonight we will be joined by my family and continue on our way to Prince Edward Island with the goal of arriving on Saturday. Continue reading “Road tripping: Paleo Style”

Zucchini Soup

As I have said before, we menu plan each week. This helps us to stick to our budget and also not waste food. If we know exactly what we are making, then we know exactly what we need to buy. We definitely have room for improvement with our planning. We are notorious for just putting … Continue reading Zucchini Soup