Road Trip Wrap Up: Cooking

As I said in a previous post, we were excited about having a full kitchen in our cottage while we were on vacation. This allowed us in many ways to eat as we normally would have just on PEI. We were there with my immediate family and so we had decided to do dinners together but other meals would be fend for yourselves. We eat very different than my family does (as with most of the world) with our decision to go paleo. People often ask what they can cook for us because they’re baffled mostly by the lack of grain/gluten. Our answer is always meat and potatoes and we’re good. Continue reading “Road Trip Wrap Up: Cooking”

Road Tripping: Day 3 Wrap Up

Well we survived day 3. It was the last of our long days before getting to the Gentle Island. It was a much better day than day 2. Our baby boy was much happier with his teething thankfully. The smartest decision for the trip is letting the kids dictate our stops. We’ve been averaging stopping about every 2 hours for one thing or another which is what we figured would happen anyways. Poor little man just wants to be cuddled as he grows his teeth but we can’t. I feel like a terrible mom!

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Road Tripping: Day 2 wrap up

Day 2 was not ideal. Our baby is teething and that made for a longer trip than what was ideal. Poor boy was not loving life in the car seat so we stopped often. Our two year old was great. At the stops he’d get out and run and run. He was so happy to run around and be silly with us.

Giving him the opportunity to run and play is key! It’s key for Tom too! As the driver he’s been making sure at stops to take time to move and work on joint to joint movement keeping the blood flowing.

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Road tripping: Paleo Style

Having left our house and dog Bauer in the capable hands of a family friend, we have embarked on our first big road trip since changing to a grain free paleo lifestyle. We travel frequently from London to Peterborough to visit my family so we’re used to 3-4 hour trips. This time we are going further. After a stop in Peterborough tonight we will be joined by my family and continue on our way to Prince Edward Island with the goal of arriving on Saturday. Continue reading “Road tripping: Paleo Style”

What in the world do I do with this celery root??

Now I wish we could say that we are experts on the food we receive in our CSA bins each week and that we have cooked with all of them before but we can’t.  Our horizons have been greatly expanded since embarking on this business journey last spring. When we first received celeriac, aka celery root, we just automatically assumed it’s only purpose was to make soup stock. I fear we may have really done it a disservice in not researching it’s uses a  little more.


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Pumpkin Muffins

When I was pregnant with our son two years ago, I fell in love with pumpkin spice.  I had never been a big fan before but suddenly it was everything I needed. I would put pumpkin pie spice in my coffee every day. This is something that has stuck with me since that pregnancy.  Since then I have been more adventurous in my baking and have dable into the realm of pumpkin baking. With our son starting solid food last fall we also cooked pumpkin for him (he really forced us to become more adventurous in our eating too – we wanted him to eat nutrient dense foods and therefore we would too!).

Yummy pumpkin muffins
Yummy pumpkin muffins

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