Coconut Flour Pancakes

Our breakfasts for a long time now have generally been our banana pancakes , eggs, and bacon. Occasionally we will switch it up as we want or our supplies necessitate. Our youngest boy is now almost 11 months and he has been eating breakfast with us since he was about 8 months (he refused purees and got 6 teeth before he turned 8 months and then wanted the real deal). He doesn’t like eggs and too many bananas has been causing him trouble with going to the bathroom. So we needed to switch things up.

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Pepper Ring Eggs

Some days we are perfectly happy to have eggs over easy with bacon. Other days we need a little variety in our breakfasts without having to do a tonn of extra work like making banana pancakes.   Recently a friend of mine posted a picture of pepper ring eggs and it intrigued me a lot. This … Continue reading Pepper Ring Eggs

Banana Pancakes

Wow! I cannot believe how slacking I have been on blogging. I started a new job last week and it really distracted me from posting some great recipes. Tom and I have so many pictures taken and blogs ready to write but I just need to buckle down and write them. I have better plans for my time this week and hopefully moving forward we won’t have another week like last without much from us.

When we switched to a grain free diet, breakfast was the second hardest meal (dinner was easy and lunch was the ABSOLUTE hardest). Both of us love eggs but we had always included cereal or oatmeal in our breakfast rotations.  We adjusted fairly well to eating eggs daily and LOVE bacon.

Who doesn't love bacon!
Who doesn’t love bacon!

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Grain Free Crepes

I follow a lot of paleo and primal blogs on Facebook and Twitter. I like to see the recipes they post and I like reading when they share about how living this lifestyle has impacted them.  Lately this has become a challenge to me. Being pregnant any recipe I see I NEED to have.  Tom and I have been watching Master Chef lately and EVERYTHING they cook I immediately crave. I can’t help it. Even when they cook things I have never had before I want.  When they cook grain filled goodies I WANT THEM SO BAD! Since going grain free I can honestly say that I have not had a strong desire to go back to our old ways. I like the way we eat and I feel great. This pregnancy has thrown that all out the window. When I was pregnant with our son I only ate bagels and peanut butter for the first 4 months because it was all I could stomach. This time I am finding it hard to find other foods that fill my needs and desires but it is also forcing us to be creative. Continue reading “Grain Free Crepes”

Why We Eat the Way We Eat – Eating Healthy Redefined

**This is the first of a two part series where we will be sharing with you what has motivated us to the grain free lifestyle our families follow and how that has helped us to achieve healthy living. You can read Katie and Tom’s story here.**

Shaun and Michelle

If you asked us over 3 years ago if my family and I would be following a strict primal/grain free lifestyle, I would have said you were crazy.  But that is exactly where we are today, Primal and Proud.  My wife, Michelle, introduced me to a primal lifestyle only after having sat in on an Eat by Design seminar with Dr. Jamie & Joel Richards at The Café of Life.  We had recently begun receiving chiropractic care at The Café of Life and wholeheartedly swear by preventative health care and the Life by Design Model.  I admit I was a huge skeptic at first.  One of my groomsman, now Dr. Michael Egan (Chiropractor), was always discussing with me the benefits of chiropractic care although he went to Australia to finish school and open practice before I got started with adjustments.  It was a few years of procrastination before I considered actually pursuing chiropractic care.   I am so grateful we did because it didn’t only help us achieve better health but it led us to where we are today—Healthy Connections.

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Tom and Katie’s Weekly Meal Plan – Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!! Wednesday is here at last! Everything always seems better on Wednesday to me. The week has reached it’s middle and we are closer to the weekend.

On my drive into work this morning I heard a commercial for a restaurant on the radio. This commercial was advertising for a high carb, high fat restaurant and telling people that leftovers are boring for lunch so just go eat their food. I have to say we disagree with this statement! I LOVE leftovers! Today is a day of leftovers for us. We have so much pulled pork left we used it in breakfast AND dinner.



Leftover pulled pork, sweet potato pancakes and fried eggs.


This is our son’s with one egg.


This is the adult version with two eggs and seasoned with salt and pepper.

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Tom and Katie’s Weekly Meal Plan – Monday

In talking to people about eating grain free, we have received many requests for sharing our meal plans. We have been trying to figure out what the best way would be for us to do that. We decided to share with you all a picture meal plan as we go through this week. Tom is on holidays this week so it makes it easier for us to remember to take pictures and to get a post up each day. The meals we prepare this week are typical meals for us on any given day. When Tom is working and our son and I are at home, we usually make the same things, sometimes slightly modified to be less elaborate as needed.

We hope you enjoy these posts and please ask any questions you may have!


Avocado eggs served on top of fried sausage, zucchini, peppers and mushrooms.

Avocado Eggs
Avocado Eggs

To make the eggs we cut and avocado in half and then cut thin slices (about 1/2″). Place them in a frying pan and crack an egg into the centre.

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Plantain Chips

I, personally, find the hardest part of eating a grain free diet is snacks. If you think of ‘typical’ snacks as the majority of the world sees them, they often include things like crackers, and granola bars.These snacks are so fast and easy to grab and sometimes I miss them. Most often snacks around here … Continue reading Plantain Chips