Basil Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Fall Veggies

Our weekly meal plans always include a full chicken. We usually roast it in the oven but occasionally will cook it in the slow cooker (generally in the summer since roasting a chicken for 1.5-2 hours is sometimes just too hot). As I was making our dinner today I thought to myself, ‘I should move north so I can roast meals 365 days a year!’ But Tom would never go for that – even if I guaranteed delicious meals daily.


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Fall CSA October 15

I think I somehow convinced myself there was more time between the end of the summer season and the start of the fall one. Clearly there was not as much time as I thought as the season started tonight and I am in shock! Michelle from Fair Meadow Farm has provided us with a wonderful bounty to enjoy.


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CSA October 4

So that’s a total fail! I totally missed last weeks list and am super late posting this one! I apologise if you were looking for clarification on items in your bin! In other news, our Healthy Connections family grew again as Shaun and Michelle welcomed their little baby into their family last week! All are … Continue reading CSA October 4

CSA September 20

We used to be faithful meal planners but fell off the bandwagon since our baby was born….almost 9 months ago….BUT I am happy to report we have gotten back into it and it has made all the difference! Life is so much less stressful when we plan our dinners and lunches. We try to plan to have leftovers from dinners to provide a protein for the 4 of us in our family plus the two children I have in my home daycare for lunch the next day. It’s hard at times – especially when we’re extra hungry at dinner but the good news is by planning ahead we can adjust and make it work.

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CSA September 6

Well I’d say we had an eventful trip to the farm this morning! Now normally Tom or Shaun would go to the farm and pick up all the awesome produce. Today was a different story. Shaun was unable to go so the plan was for Tom to go. He was feeling under the weather and so he asked if I would go. Of course I said yes because I love going to the farm and because I am an amazing wife. Continue reading “CSA September 6”

CSA August 23

The harvest sure was plentiful this week. Bins were packed full of amazing produce this week! My personal favourite is the delicious raspberries! They are so good! They are not making it to see another day in our house! Too good!!

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CSA August 16

As we finish our journey home we cannot wait to dive into our CSA bin! It’s been fun cooking on vacation. We had our own kitchen which is key when trying to eat paleo while away from home. We also look forward to seeing how our own garden has grown while we were away! I’m … Continue reading CSA August 16

CSA July 26

Please forgive this post happening on Sunday night. Yesterday was a big day at our home. If you read our story on Why We Eat the Way We Eat you would know that in 2009 Tom was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After surgery and chemotherapy everything seemed to be gone and this past week Tom … Continue reading CSA July 26

CSA June 14

Do you know how many times this weekend I said to myself, ‘post the CSA list on the blog Katie’ and had full intentions of doing it? A lot!! And here it is almost 2am Monday morning and as I’m up with our youngest son I’m finally doing it.

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