CSA December 11

Our house is ruled by kids. Whether it’s our own two or them in combination with the others in my home daycare, their moods and level if cooperation impact a lot of what we do. So that being said here is a very quick post for this weeks CSA bin as this is all the … Continue reading CSA December 11

Ham and Cabbage Side Dish

I have no fancy name for this because I don’t really have any idea what to call it. I do know that many people have no idea what to do with all the cabbage they have received in their CSA. I actually stumbled upon this awesome side while cooking eggs for the kids and wanting something more with mine. We had ham and cabbage so I thought why not!

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CSA November 26

Can someone please tell me where 2014 went?? When I went to write the title of this post at first I wrote October instead of November! Oi! What a fast year! We’re already at our 4th delivery for the fall season which means just 2 more remain after tonight! The last delivery date is on … Continue reading CSA November 26

Coconut Flour Pancakes

Our breakfasts for a long time now have generally been our banana pancakes , eggs, and bacon. Occasionally we will switch it up as we want or our supplies necessitate. Our youngest boy is now almost 11 months and he has been eating breakfast with us since he was about 8 months (he refused purees and got 6 teeth before he turned 8 months and then wanted the real deal). He doesn’t like eggs and too many bananas has been causing him trouble with going to the bathroom. So we needed to switch things up.

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CSA November 12

Fall/winter weather has arrived!! After a lovely day tuesday it seems the cold is ready to settle in! It makes me want to cook up some soup. I think I’ll be making this pumpkin bacon soup later with some pumpkins I need to roast. This weeks bin contains: -about 7lbs potatoes -4 onions -3 squash … Continue reading CSA November 12

Basil Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Fall Veggies

Our weekly meal plans always include a full chicken. We usually roast it in the oven but occasionally will cook it in the slow cooker (generally in the summer since roasting a chicken for 1.5-2 hours is sometimes just too hot). As I was making our dinner today I thought to myself, ‘I should move north so I can roast meals 365 days a year!’ But Tom would never go for that – even if I guaranteed delicious meals daily.


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CSA October 29

So I must say I am incredibly proud of how well we did at using all of our produce from the last delivery. Last year we struggled to use everything but we started this season with a new plan. That plan is to plan! Last bin we made a list of what was in it … Continue reading CSA October 29