CSA May 30 

  So that’s me! Little Miss Late with this weekends CSA bin list! I apologize!! (This is now my third attempt writing this as technology is clearly against me!) Reminder to all customers that payment is due June 1. If you gave us cheques they will be cashed otherwise please send an EMT to us. … Continue reading CSA May 30 

CSA May 23 

Today was the first day for our summer CSA season! I cannot believe it is already that time of year!!  For those who are new to CSA the bin may seem small. Remember this is just the start of the season and it’s been chilly. As the season progress the bins will be overflowing.  This … Continue reading CSA May 23 

CSA Summer 2015

Spring is officially here and with that comes our official summer CSA announcement!! For the third summer season we are pleased to be partnered with Orchard Hill Farm to bring our CSA customers fresh, local and organic produce for 21 weeks this summer. For just $39 a week you can receive amazing produce delivered right … Continue reading CSA Summer 2015

CSA December 11

Our house is ruled by kids. Whether it’s our own two or them in combination with the others in my home daycare, their moods and level if cooperation impact a lot of what we do. So that being said here is a very quick post for this weeks CSA bin as this is all the … Continue reading CSA December 11

CSA November 26

Can someone please tell me where 2014 went?? When I went to write the title of this post at first I wrote October instead of November! Oi! What a fast year! We’re already at our 4th delivery for the fall season which means just 2 more remain after tonight! The last delivery date is on … Continue reading CSA November 26

CSA November 12

Fall/winter weather has arrived!! After a lovely day tuesday it seems the cold is ready to settle in! It makes me want to cook up some soup. I think I’ll be making this pumpkin bacon soup later with some pumpkins I need to roast. This weeks bin contains: -about 7lbs potatoes -4 onions -3 squash … Continue reading CSA November 12

CSA October 29

So I must say I am incredibly proud of how well we did at using all of our produce from the last delivery. Last year we struggled to use everything but we started this season with a new plan. That plan is to plan! Last bin we made a list of what was in it … Continue reading CSA October 29

CSA September 20

We used to be faithful meal planners but fell off the bandwagon since our baby was born….almost 9 months ago….BUT I am happy to report we have gotten back into it and it has made all the difference! Life is so much less stressful when we plan our dinners and lunches. We try to plan to have leftovers from dinners to provide a protein for the 4 of us in our family plus the two children I have in my home daycare for lunch the next day. It’s hard at times – especially when we’re extra hungry at dinner but the good news is by planning ahead we can adjust and make it work.

20140921-212143-76903651.jpg Continue reading “CSA September 20”