Our house is ruled by kids. Whether it’s our own two or them in combination with the others in my home daycare, their moods and level if cooperation impact a lot of what we do. So that being said here is a very quick post for this weeks CSA bin as this is all the time I have:)

-Potatoes: 10+ lbs
-Onions: 2
-Squash/Pie Pumpkins: 2 (mix of Long Pie, New England Pie, Butternut, Baby Blue Hubbard, and Grey Kabocha)
-Carrots: 3 lbs
-Parsnips: 3-4
-Winter Kohlrabi: 1
-Winter Radish: 2 (Watermelon type)
-A combination of kale and cabbage (nappa and purple)
-Leeks: 4
-Parsley: 1 bunch

Enjoy! This is the second last bin! The last bin is coming December 24 in the morning! Deliveries will be starting around 8am!!