Can someone please tell me where 2014 went?? When I went to write the title of this post at first I wrote October instead of November! Oi! What a fast year! We’re already at our 4th delivery for the fall season which means just 2 more remain after tonight! The last delivery date is on December 24. These deliveries will be taking place in the morning starting around 8am.

I know some people are struggling with what to do with some squashes and even pumpkin. I tried to post some recipes on our Facebook page and will continue to post more. As well I’ll try to post more recipes on here that we create!

**REMINDER Monday is December 1 so if you chose the post dated payment option your cheque will be cashed.

This weeks bins contain:
-Potatoes – generous 7 lbs – white variety Marcy
-Onions – 4
-Squash – 3 – mix of baby blue hubbard, grey and green kabocha, butternut
-Carrots – 2.75 lbs
-Beets – 5 – mix of golden and red
-Rutabaga or- Brussels Sprouts
-Kale – 1 bag – lacinato rainbow
-Spinach – 1 bag
-Parsley – 1 bunch; italian flat-leaf