So I must say I am incredibly proud of how well we did at using all of our produce from the last delivery. Last year we struggled to use everything but we started this season with a new plan. That plan is to plan! Last bin we made a list of what was in it and started to plan out how we could use each item. I even had it planned out to using the broccoli stems to make patties (this didn’t happen yet as we had to rework our meal plan to include company but those broccoli stems are in the freezer for use in soups later on).

Before really looking at the list as I was unpacking the bin I came upon this lovely item.

Not going to lie – I had no idea what it was. Thankfully I had a list to consult and determined this was in fact an endive – google told me it was a curly endive. I look forward to looking into creative ways to use it!!

So this weeks delivery includes:
(Once again notes in brackets are from the farmer)

Potatoes: A “lean” 7 lbs (Marcy + Yukon Gem; I have confirmed that in my white variety, Marcy, unfortunately there is a lot of hollow heart in the large tubers this season. In future weeks I’ll try to sort out more of the large spuds and not give them, but for now, I apologize to people who receive hollow ones – they’ll just have to cut around any interior holes, and use the solid + totally fine portion of the spuds. As such, I’m not recommending baking the Marcys whole this year. For all my members, I’ll try to dole out a generous amount of alternate varieties at the end of the season to make up for any hollow heart-ers. This physiological condition often happens in wet years – the tubers just can’t produce enough dry matter to stay solid through rapid periods of growth. Some varieties are more susceptible than others – I’ll probably drop Marcy after this season, as I planted them closer together this year to try and avoid HH, but we just had so much rain, that even the reduced plant spacing didn’t help. However, we’re stuck with them at this point, at least some weeks – and I appreciate everyone’s understanding in advance!).

Onions: 4

Squash: 2 Delicata + 2 other (mix of Butternut, Red Kuri + Buttercup)

Pie Pumpkins: 2 (mix of Baby Pam, Winter Luxury (netted) + Long Pie (oblong and ready to use when flesh turns completely orange!)

Carrots: 4.25 lbs (1 lb of this is an extra bonus this week!)

Beets: 7 (mix of Golden + Round Red)

Cabbage: 1

B’Sprouts: 1 stem

Salad Turnips: 5 (Hakurei – a very tender Japanese type)

Sweet Peppers: 3 small

Salad Green: 3 mini-Romaines (everyone gets 1 red, green + bronze)

Herb: 1 sm bunch parsley; also, 1 bag dill OR cilantro


1 head endive
1 head bok choy
Swiss Chard

I promise to try to post some more recipes this week to include these items. I’ll be posting links to great things on our Facebook page so check us out there – Healthy Connections London.

Happy Halloween!