We used to be faithful meal planners but fell off the bandwagon since our baby was born….almost 9 months ago….BUT I am happy to report we have gotten back into it and it has made all the difference! Life is so much less stressful when we plan our dinners and lunches. We try to plan to have leftovers from dinners to provide a protein for the 4 of us in our family plus the two children I have in my home daycare for lunch the next day. It’s hard at times – especially when we’re extra hungry at dinner but the good news is by planning ahead we can adjust and make it work.

Our new plan of attack, especially working with a Saturday CSA bin, has been to plan out the proteins from Saturday-Friday and we pick up meats at the market Saturday. Then once we see what is in the bin we fill in specific sides/recipes as needed. We do also pick up a few things we don’t think will be in the bins at the market. It’s worked very well and I’m very sad it’s taken is this long into the Saturday CSA deliveries to figure it out. As you can see from above it gets changed and things get moved around a lot. We’re trying to figure out whether we want a whiteboard or chalk board to keep the meal plans on. We don’t really have the space for a chalkboard but are considering a whiteboard on our fridge. We shall see.

Last week was filled with the amazingness of last weekends bin and food from our garden. We had a plethora of Roma tomatoes so for the last two weeks I have made a big pot of tomato soup following this recipe here. I did it a bit different this passed week and added kale, and sausage making it more of a meal. I also skipped the jalepenos since I planned to feed it to the kiddos. Tom and I added dried chilies we have left over from last years garden.

Hard to believe we still have so many!!!

We’ve had a busy day so I still have to add our bin goodies into our menu plan….oh the possibilities…..

-1 of eggplant, hakurei turnip, winter radish, or radicchio
-1 cabbage – Chinese or ‘regular’
-1 quart of potatoes
-head lettuce or mesclun mix
-8 carrots
-1 celeriac or 1 pepper and eggplant
-2 peppers
-2 onions
-1 garlic
-1 quart of tomatoes
-1 large or 2 small squashes (this is a great guide for identifying what types of squashes you received in your bin and ideas for cooking them).