As I said in a previous post, we were excited about having a full kitchen in our cottage while we were on vacation. This allowed us in many ways to eat as we normally would have just on PEI. We were there with my immediate family and so we had decided to do dinners together but other meals would be fend for yourselves. We eat very different than my family does (as with most of the world) with our decision to go paleo. People often ask what they can cook for us because they’re baffled mostly by the lack of grain/gluten. Our answer is always meat and potatoes and we’re good.

We knew our grocery options would be limited on the island, in particular where we were going by the North Cape. We planned ahead and brought some stuff with us (Tom’s super secret spice mix that we put on everything, olive oil, protein powder, and I am totally forgetting more). We also stopped at the Costco in Moncton to stock up before we hit the island. There we bought a flat of eggs (not the same as farm fresh but we weren’t sure what we would be able to find), bacon, organic chickens, gluten free meat sticks, gluten free burgers, pork tenderloins, bananas, salad greens and almond milk.

Our breakfasts each day were basically the same as we have here – eggs and banana pancakes. After Tom went to a local farm stand and bought some stuff we had local potatoes too.

Lunches were almost always leftovers and salad. This is such a staple in our house as it is. We always have greens on hand thanks to our CSA so we add some vegetables and leftover protein from the night before and tadah!

Toms saddest part of the trip was the lack of seafood we had. He felt we should have it everyday! We did have it a few times though. Tom, my dad and brother-in-law went out lobster fishing on my cousins boat one day. They brought back some lobster they cooked up with some fresh mussels. I LOVE mussels! Here our son is helping to take the mussels out of the shell for our lunch the next day.


I think the key thing we learned on this trip and our previous trips, is to plan ahead. This is especially important when you are trying to follow a certain diet. We meal plan at home and so for is it was natural to continue to do so. This allowed us to know what we would need to bring, what to buy and when it was all being prepared. The big loop in the plans was that we got invited out to different relatives house a few nights while we were there. It all worked out in the end though because we did anticipate this happening in our plans. You can’t possibly go visit without expecting to get invited to dinner! Another key thing was having our own kitchen. We could never have eaten the way we do without it and we will probably never take a vacation without one.