Well I’d say we had an eventful trip to the farm this morning! Now normally Tom or Shaun would go to the farm and pick up all the awesome produce. Today was a different story. Shaun was unable to go so the plan was for Tom to go. He was feeling under the weather and so he asked if I would go. Of course I said yes because I love going to the farm and because I am an amazing wife.

So I loaded the boys in the van (and one of my little sisters) and we headed off. Now over the last few weeks our oldest who is 2.5 years old has ditched diapers and is now in big boy underwear!!! It’s a big deal! So of course half way to the farm he tells us he has to pee. So we set out to find him someplace to do his first official tree pee. There wasn’t much of shoulder on the road we were on but I found a place where there was a bit of gravel and I assumed it would be good as I could get mostly off the road. I should mentioned I saw this spot a little late so I didn’t actually pull off there where it would have been ideal. Instead I drove a bit past it thinking the ground was solid and flat. Turns our she wasn’t. We ended up sinking into some mud/water junk and getting stuck. We were working our way out slowly when a lovely couple stopped and helped us out. Our van is covered in mud and we got looks all day from people. The things we do for kids – and he never did go to the bathroom the whole trip! Lesson learned – 99% of the time when out of the home a toddler really doesn’t have to go to the bathroom when they tell you. However it’s that 1% of the time that you don’t take them and they do go….oh the boys of parenting!

Anywho my story aside it’s another great bin. Huge peppers and some yummy looking broccoli (purple and green varieties). I’ll be sharing a simple and yummy eggplant bruschetta recipe tomorrow so watch for that.


The September 6 bin contains
-8-9 carrots
-quart of beans
-overflowing quart of potatoes
-quart of tomatoes
-4 peppers (again they were huge!!)
-a few hot peppers
-head lettuce
-1 onion
-3 eggplant
-greens: spinach, kale
-herbs: dill, parsley

We hope you enjoy!!!!