Another beautiful day today in London. We hope everyone received their produce without anything suffer too badly from the heat. We packed those bins as fast as possible to avoid being in the heat longer than necessary. Even our 8 month old got in on the bin packing party. Poor little man is teething and didn’t want to be put down. So I had him in a carrier on my back helping Tom out. He enjoyed the hard work.

This weeks bins were FULL! My brain is going wild thinking of what we can use it all for. We buy all of our meat on Saturdays at the Western Fair Market before we know what we’re getting in the bin. It makes for an interesting week trying to figure out how to make it all work together. Tonight for example I was planning to make homemade burgers based loosely on this recipe here. We weren’t sure of what to have as a side but came up with an eggplant bruschetta type deal.

The topping is finely chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro and balsamic vinegar. We cut the eggplants in half lengthwise and coated them with olive oil. Placed them in a foil pan on the BBQ and cooked for about 10 minute. We also topped ours with a bit of fresco cheese. Delish.

This weeks bin included:
-4 beets
-mesclun mix
-2 bell peppers
-1 Carmen pepper (shepherd peppers)
-6 green onions (some so big they might look like a small leek)
-2 leeks
-1 garlic
-2 quarts of tomatoes
-1/2 large cantaloup
-6 ears corn
-1 quart potatoes
-1pac choi
-extra greens: kale and spinach
-herbs: cilantro and Orchard Hill Farm tea blend (this one is in a small bag with colourful petals mixed in)