Well after a wonderful week on PEI we are on our way home. We wanted to write yesterday but our journey was….stressful. Our baby was cranky and it was a loud trip. We drove from PEI to Grand Falls, New Brunswick with a stop at the Bay of Fundy.

Our food plans for the trip home were more limited since we had less resources available on the Island. We packed our bison salami, boiled eggs (we had about 6 eggs left from the week), remaining 2 bags of plantain chips, 3 cooked hamburgers, 3 chicken breasts and a new salad. It’s been a bigger challenge with meals but we have been mostly good at keeping to our ‘healthy’ road trip.

We’ve learned a lot over the course of the two weeks we’ve been traveling. Our journey will continue tomorrow with the final leg from Peterborough to London. When we get back home we’ll have a bit more time and capability to write (instead of being limited to my iPhone).


For now I will leave you with a few random tips for taking a healthy road trip:
-if you know stores will be limited at your destination buy extra non perishable snacks for the way home – we missed having our nut mix on the way home. It was a great snack on the way up and when Tom went out on the lobster fishing boat with my mom’s cousins
-boiled eggs are an amazing snack/meal while traveling! They cannot be forgotten! Just don’t let a two year old eat them in his car seat – that was a mess!
-get out of the car and move! This is so important. It prevents you from getting stiff joints and muscles and will give you energy. We stopped every 2-3 hours (at least) and got moving. We told our two year old he had to run at every stop. Thankfully there are many nice rest stops with great green space to run. We also took opportunities at the hotels we stayed at to swim with the boys.
-sleep! Conveniently for us our kids would go to bed early in the hotels and as a result we did too – can’t stay up chatting with kids in the room.
-if you’re going to be tempted by foods at rest stops avoid going in to the stores. We rarely went into the convenience stores unless it was to use the bathroom.
-keep each other accountable – assuming you’re travelling with someone hold one another accountable in your choices for food when you need to buy food.
-go to the bathroom every chance! This is what I learned while travelling in Europe. Whether you have to go or not just try! This is key when travelling with kids because when they’re sleeping you’re not going to stop for bathroom breaks!
-pack easy snacks/meals for kids. Bananas are great because they have their own wrapper. They also worked well for our 7.5 month old as we could give him small pieces.

These are just a few random thoughts it wanted to share.

We will definitely be sharing more from our trip in the coming week!
For now it’s time to rest for the night.