Well we survived day 3. It was the last of our long days before getting to the Gentle Island. It was a much better day than day 2. Our baby boy was much happier with his teething thankfully. The smartest decision for the trip is letting the kids dictate our stops. We’ve been averaging stopping about every 2 hours for one thing or another which is what we figured would happen anyways. Poor little man just wants to be cuddled as he grows his teeth but we can’t. I feel like a terrible mom!

Our food has been more of the same. For lunch we had more of our salad and topped it with boiled eggs. Boiled eggs have been an amazing thing to have on hand for snacks! They’re filling and travel well.

We arrived at our hotel in Moncton by 6 with the time change. We decided to head to a restaurant we saw on our way in that we had no idea was a chain – McGinnis Landing. We’ve been to the one in London before so thought we’d give it a go. We arrived and were told we’d be seated right away but food was a 45 min wait. Well that wait turned into an hour plus….not fun with a two year old who’s been in a van all day!! Thankfully we were in a building that housed and amusement park – Crystal Palace. It was great to be able to take him out to walk around and see everything.


For dinner we had yam fries for starters which thankfully wasn’t a 45 min wait. Eventually they rushed out our sons meal – ribs, and fries. Two year olds are fun to feed and he didn’t want his delicious meal because he didn’t like the sauce. Eventually all our food came out and Tom ate the kids meal while our son ate Tom’s burger (hold the bun). I also had a burger(with bacon), no bun and a side of salad.


Because our journey was just 3 hours to PEI we had a much more relaxed morning starting with a swim at the hotel. Last night it was way to crowded for us to even think about taking the kids and hoped it wouldn’t be busy in the morning. Luckily we came down to find the pool empty around 7. After our swim we ventured to the breakfast at the hotel. Again there wasn’t much for us to eat other than fruit and some yogurt (which we normally wouldn’t eat because of the sugars). There was of course coffee to be enjoyed!


We have now driven over Confederation Bridge and will soon arrive at our home for the next week!


Overall it’s been a decent trip food-wise. We packed enough to get us through most snacks and meals which was awesome. Now the challenge will be to prepare the same for the journey home.

But for now it’s time for some relaxation.