We’re on round 3 of coffee and almost halfway through our travels for the day.

To prevent leaving dirty dishes at my parents we went out for breakfast this morning. We all enjoyed eggs, bacon and home fries and subbed tomatoes in for the toast. I guess by all I mean 3/4 of us. Our baby, who is 7 months old, is still breastfeeding for most meals but does have purées most days in the afternoon and occasionally at dinner.


After packing up a few last minute things (like our cooler full of deliciousness) we were on our way. So I mentioned yesterday we were traveling with the kids. Our baby is teething at the moment and not just causally teething. He’s doing it hard core and going for 6 teeth at once. It’s making for a fun trip. We’ve had to stop a few times to comfort him. Thankfully one of the beauties of breastfeeding is the instant comfort it brings to a baby (usually). We’ve stopped for snack and then again for more coffee.


Our morning snack was boiled eggs and peppers. Tom enjoyed some coconut water.

We’ll write more later this afternoon.