Having left our house and dog Bauer in the capable hands of a family friend, we have embarked on our first big road trip since changing to a grain free paleo lifestyle. We travel frequently from London to Peterborough to visit my family so we’re used to 3-4 hour trips. This time we are going further. After a stop in Peterborough tonight we will be joined by my family and continue on our way to Prince Edward Island with the goal of arriving on Saturday.

It’s not always the easiest to eat paleo foods while on the road. While we are not the strictest in eating paleo (we eat white potatoes for example), it is a challenge to find food to purchase that fits our diet while on the road. We try to do as much prep work as possible in anticipation of all trips.

For a short trip we will usually pack some baked muffins, nut mixes and maybe some meat sticks. We did this and more for this epic road trip. We have brought with us 16 boiled eggs, 1 dozen hormone, gluten and nitrate free wild boar meat sticks from the Hungary Butcher, 1.5 lbs of sliced ham (also from the Hungary Butcher), bison salami from Saucy’s at the Western Fair Farmers market, a giant bag of mixed nuts, about 1 dozen chocolate chip cookies made from a recipe by Primal Palate , honeydew melon, pears, bananas, plantain chips, apple chips, raisins, baby cucumbers and homemade protein bars – to name a few things!


With all this food packed we hope to make it to PEI buying a few main meals, very little snacks….and a whole lot of coffee!

We plan to blog as we go and invite you to journey along with us as we go on this epic road trip. Oh yeah…did I mention we’re doing this road trip with the boys? So we have our 2.5 year old and 7 month old to feed as well! It shall be an adventure!