How do you make a 2 year olds day? By timing our drive to Orchard Hill Farm so perfectly that we happened to be the first vehicle at the railroad crossing as Thomas the Tank passed by.


This was the greatest by chance happening in our lives lately. Our boy was so happy and so shocked to see Thomas in real life. He talked about it for the rest of the day. Later on when we needed to grab him a new outfit (since what he was wearing had got covered in watermelon) he came down with his Thomas the Tank pajamas which he insisted on wearing for the rest of the day.

This weeks bin has Tom and I almost as excited as our son was today. We cannot wait to make cauliflower rice! It’s a recent love of ours and we hope to share the recipe we use later this week. I’m also excited to steam and purée some carrots for our youngest son to eat. We’ve recently started him on foods and so far he is loving avocado, sweet potato and banana….but you probably don’t really care about those details.

This weeks bin contains:
-8 carrots
-8 green onion
-cabbage (purple or green)
-mesclun mix
-a second bag of mixed greens (spinach and Swiss chard mostly)
-2 summer squash
-1 quart string beans
-herbs:parsley and cilantro (in case you are wondering cilantro is the delicious smelling one….or the one with the strong scent. We’re going to make some guacamole this week.)