I am slowly learning I suck at time management. I made a post about it previously but seriously! I fail! Kids definitely throw it all for a loop but still! Like why do I constantly fail at posting the CSA list on the Saturday it arrives? I always remember as I’m going to bed and then I say ok ill do it Sunday….but that doesn’t happen!


So here we are Monday morning posting the list! I apologize!

So without further delays this week we received:
-1 cabbage
-mesclun mix
-head lettuce
-7-8green onions
-8 carrots
-4 summer squash
-beans or podding peas (you need to take these peas out of the pod)
-either cucumber, fennel, eggplant or kohlrabi
-herbs: dill and basil
-extra: greens (kale, Swiss chard)

Enjoy! As always please share your recipes!!