It’s refuelling time in our house. The boys are napping, Tom’s out at a BBQ and I’m just settling down for a cup of coffee after doing a good clean of all our toys. The toys have received their lovely vinegar bath and are now basking in the sun. Time for coffee and to plan out our meals for the rest of the the week.

Looking at our CSA bin I cannot wait to eat up some more beets! They are so delicious. This week we plan to spiralize some of the bigger ones and then steam them. We will then make them into a salad with some shredded kohlrabi and carrots maybe, topped with a balsamic dressing and some goat cheese. I cannot wait!!

Tom already made a delicious tomato sauce with the fresh parsley. We served it with sausages and some sweet potato noodles we get from an Asian supermarket.

Now it’s time to figure out how to include the rest of our share into this weeks meals. I love getting creative and trying new recipes. We’re in a bit of a slump with meals so I’m excited to switch it up and let our creativity flow! If I get our meal plan finalised I’ll try to share it.

This weeks share includes:
-8 carrots
-5 beets
-mesclun mix
-1 summer squash
-broccoli or cucumber
-extra greens (may include Swiss chard, kale)
-herb: parsley
-everyone also got a sunflower to brighten up your home with!

Happy Sunday!