Many of you are probably wondering what the heck to do with all this rhubarb – especially if you are like Tom and I and have plants of your own! We have 3 plants in our yard. Last year we started experimenting with rhubarb in different recipes. We made a yummy cobbler , we’ve made muffins and this year I made rhubarb applesauce. I plan to post the recipe for the applesauce soon. It is toddler approved!! You can also cut up the rhubarb and freeze it for future use. I had found a recipe for a grain free rhubarb bread but I can’t seem to find it anymore. I’ll be looking for more recipes to share with you for rhubarb and other items from the bins but are also interested to hear from you what you use all this awesome produce for.

So this weeks CSA list is as follows.


The herbs this week were the Orchard Hill tea mix, dill or cilantro.