Well it seems spring weather is here! Holy moly it’s hot out! I am a winter lover so any heat above 20 degrees is excessive to me – especially if there is humidity. But summer weather means plants are growing!! We planted some of our plants into our garden in our backyard this weekend. We still have about half to plant and some seeds to buy and plant. So far we have bell peppers, beefsteak and Roma tomatoes, garlic (which we planted in the fall) and eggplant. We also plan to grow cucumbers.

It’ll be awesome to have all these plants out of our tiny kitchen!

While we wait for our garden to grow and produce, we enjoy veggies from our CSA bins!! Once again in the bin is pac choi. This is related to bok choi and can be used similarly. We will hopefully share some recipe ideas soon. You can use it in stir fry, soup, and salad.


We hope everyone enjoys their bins!!

Have a great week!!