If you haven’t been a part of a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) before, the idea of signing up and committing to receive produce for 21 weeks this summer may be scary. Not knowing what to expect product wise and quality wise can be scary. While you could take our word for it that the food is amazing and delicious (check out that picture below!) we thought we would share with you some feedback we have received from our customers about the bins. For more information on our CSA program click here.

A CSA bin from 2013 summer season.

A CSA bin from 2013 summer season.


“As a first time client of the CSA Produce bins in the fall of 2013, we were amazed at the amount and freshness of all the products. We didn’t realize how much of a difference it meant to have Organically grown produce. Everything stayed fresh for so long. It was wonderful to have produce at our fingertips in the fall when most grocery stores start to raise their prices. We also found that, compared to our previous years budget, we spent about $100 to $150 less each month. That could be simply because we didn’t have to go to the grocery store as often and there was less impulse buying. Either way, we were surprised…and full…and healthy. It felt good to put healthy food on the table for less money. We will definitely be ordering again for the Summer at Healthy
Connections. Oh, by the way, sometimes there was so much food that we gave some to our local food bank. In case you didn’t know, they accept produce if you take it right to them.”
-Therese and John Crummer


“It’s always so exciting to see what you get each week and what new recipes we get to try. Having it delivered right to me is also the most convenient with my schedule. The vegetables and fruit lasts much longer then the stuff from the grocery store. We love our CSA bin.”

-Kelly Naus
Watch for more customer feedback coming soon!