For Christmas, Tom and I got a number of gifts that will make our lives so much easier in the kitchen. Since switching to a primal lifestyle we have been making do with a Magic Bullet blender and mandolin slicer. Our dream was always to have a food processor and a spiralizer. These two kitchen gadgets seem to be involved in most recipes we find. While we’ve managed to get by with what we’ve had, the addition of these two to our kitchen appliances was a dream!


For Christmas we got both and are so excited!! Tonight we gave the spiralizer a try making some noodles out of a butternut squash from our last CSA bin.


We did a variation of this recipe for Salmon with Butternut Squash Noodles . We used our weekly chicken for the protein and had mushrooms and not broccoli. We also didn’t have enough coconut aminos to also marinade the chicken so I came up with my own marinade of ginger, salt, pepper, almond butter, sesame seed oil, and apple cider vinegar.


It turned out to be a delicious meal!! We plan to use the chicken marinade for our chicken wings on New Years Eve so hopefully we’ll measure out the recipe then for you.

I cannot wait to see what other awesome things we will use our spiralizer for. We haven’t broke out the food processor yet but tomorrow I plan to make a cake to have to celebrate when we bring home our new little one when he or she is born.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas.