The week before Christmas is always a busy time! My goal this year was to have everything prepared and ready by December 1. No one really enjoys shopping during December so why would I enjoy it at 9 months pregnant. Well my plan didn’t work so we’ve been busy trying to finish last minute things. All this is to say I’m sorry again for the late posting of the CSA list for the last delivery.


One awesome and exciting thing that happened to us this week is we received an amazing gift from friends of ours. They gave us a cooking seasonally cookbook that was specifically made for a CSA community. It’s packed full of recipes we cannot wait to try and share with you!! Including some for our good friend celeriac!! There is also a parsnip and leek soup I hope to try. While all aren’t grain free there easy substitutes we can make.

So this weeks bins included:
-8 Onions (mix of red and yellow)
-3 Squash (2 delicata, and 1 of either butternut, baby blue hubbard, or buttercup)
– Potatoes
– Carrots
-1 Celeriac
-5 Parsnips
-4 Leeks
-1 bag Kale
-1 Cabbage

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!