I apologize this post is so late. Who knew being 8 months pregnant and chasing after 3 toddlers all day long was so tiring and busy!! But life is good!! Especially when there is good food to be enjoyed!! This weeks bin is another bounty of deliciousness for our customers to enjoy.

This weeks bin includes(notes in brackets are from our farmer Michelle):
-Squash: 3 (I’m finding that, unfortunately, the squash are not keeping as well in storage this year, so am recommending people not squirrel them away for later winter consumption – plan to eat them in the next weeks, or cook and freeze bags of puree or roasted chunks.)
-Onions: 6
-Potatoes: 5 lbs
-Carrots: 3.5 lbs
-Beets: 5
-Winter Radish: 3 (mix of “green meat” and “watermelon” types)
-Cabbage: 1 (mixed types – red, green, semi-savoy, and savoy)
-Kale: 1 bag/bunch
-Mesculun greens: 1 bag
-Herbs: 1 bunch (mixed thyme, sage and parsley)

-Onions: 1
-Leeks: 1
-B’Sprouts: 1 bag (last time for brusseys – they had a really hard freeze last week, which is why they’re an extra and not an official item – they’re very sweet, but also much more perishable. Most have thawed nicely, but the odd sprout may have a brown layer hidden on the inside and need to be composted. For the sprout fans among members, hopefully the sorting is worth it for one more meal of these tasty sprouts! But I do encourage eating them in the next day or two if possible.)

As always we hope you enjoy your bin and I will try harder to post more recipes this week!!