Now I wish we could say that we are experts on the food we receive in our CSA bins each week and that we have cooked with all of them before but we can’t.  Our horizons have been greatly expanded since embarking on this business journey last spring. When we first received celeriac, aka celery root, we just automatically assumed it’s only purpose was to make soup stock. I fear we may have really done it a disservice in not researching it’s uses a  little more.



When we received a celery root in our bin this week I did some research and discovered that it has many uses beyond use in stock.  In fact using it in stock wasn’t even the first thing I found for it.

Here are some recipe ideas for your celery root if you are looking to be adventurous!

I encourage you to step out and try new things with your produce. That is one of the most fun parts of the CSA bin.  We love being challenged to find ways to include new items in our meals!

Let us know what you create!