Fall has most certainly arrived here in London. There is a chill in the air every morning and leaves are falling. I know in many parts of Ontario leaves have been falling for awhile but here in southern Ontario things happen later. I’ve even seen people post pictures on social media of snow!! That makes me excited because I am what seems to be one of the few people left who actually likes snow! We get so little of it that you have to enjoy it when it comes!! Likely still awhile away for us to see snow sticking around but a girl can dream!


Our first fall bins were packed full of awesome produce from Michelle at Fairmeadow Farm – so full that the lids wouldn’t go on and pumpkins were delivered on the side. We hope all of our customers were pleased with their first bin of the season!!

In this weeks bin there was:
-1 jack-o-lantern/decorative pumpkin
– 2 squash
– 4 onions (mix of red and yellow)
– 6 lbs potatoes
– 15 carrots
– 3-4 parsnips because some are pretty darn big!
– 1 rutabaga
– 3 leeks
– 2 (sweet) green peppers -OR- 1 (sweet) green pepper & 1 eggplant
– 1 cabbage -OR- 1 broccoli
– 4 salad turnips -OR- 1 bunch bok choy
– 1 bag spinach
– 1 bag mesculun salad mix -OR- 1 bag leaf romaine
– 1 bunch herbs (dill or basil, and parsley)
– celery or small celeriac


There are a large variety of squashes you could receive in your bin or see at the local markets. If you need help identifying your squashes and knowing how to use them check out this site here.