Many weeks when I write out the blog on what is in our CSA bins for our customers I seem to mention a theme. Well for this week the theme would be big or heavy. The bins are once again filled with amazing produce. When Shaun arrived to our house from the farm he wouldn’t let me carry them since I’m 5 months pregnant and all. The bins are full of an amazing bounty of produce that Tom and I can’t wait to dive into.

This weeks bins feature:
-1 quart of beans
-2 quarts of potatoes
-mixed veggies: everyone got 1-2 tomatoes, and broccoli or eggplant

-Mesclun mix
-2 sweet peppers (plus 1 extra)
-2 leeks

-4 giant beets
-1 spaghetti squash (they are pretty big!!)

-8 cobs of corn
-Herbs: dill and parsley
-extras: kale, 3 chilli peppers, 1 jalapeño, and 2 green onions (also huge!)

If spaghetti squash is new to you here are some recipe ideas: