Fresh, delicious raspberries are back this week! Last week was the first pick your own raspberries week and Michelle and I went out to the farm with the intention of picking as many as we could. Unfortunately the bushes were not as optimistic as us. Thankfully this week they seem to be back and Shaun was able to pick everyone 1/2 a basket.


Other things our CSA customers will find in their bins includes:
-1 bag of mesclun mix
-8 carrots
-2 onions
-2 sweet peppers (shepherd (long)or bell)
-7 ears of corn
-1 cucumber
-1/2 cantaloup
-3 quarts of tomatoes
-1 garlic head
-2 hakurei (turnip like)
-1/2 basket of raspberries
-herbs: parsley or basil
-extra: arugula and 2-3 hot peppers

We hope you enjoy! Watch the ‘CSA: What is this in my bin?’ Page for more updates in the coming days!

Happy Tuesday!