Late this afternoon the reality sunk in that it is in fact September 1. I knew summer was quickly flying by but I am so not prepared for it to be over. Labour Day Weekend is the official ending even if you aren’t in school.

The start of another month means another update on our little garden. I am thinking October will be our last update. We still have quite a few things we are waiting to be fully ripe. You can read our last update here. It is crazy to look back and see how much everything has grown. A lot of our plants suffered a bit in the last few weeks and have died but with daily watering we are seeing a great improvement and new growth which is exciting!!


I would say our zucchini plants did fairly well and we have learned a lot with them. We learned that when they look trampled on they really just want water. We also learned that if you leave them on the plant and let them get super huge the plant will stop producing more. Sadly this was our mistake. We did however get quite a few zucchinis and were able to make zucchini soup and zucchini muffins for when we went on vacation. We also enjoyed a lot of fried zucchini with dinners. We slice the zucchini into thin disks and then fry it up in bacon fat….oh my word!!!



We have had a number of cucumbers grow mostly from the plants we bought. The cucumbers suffered a lot the last few weeks and after getting about 4 good ones they started to die on us. Thankfully we have nursed them back and some cucumbers have hung on. We look forward to enjoying the last cucumbers we get.




Our tomatoes have been growing like crazy! Our plants are super huge and we have now staked most of them up. There are a tonn of green tomatoes of all three kinds and we have already picked and eaten our romas and little baby tomatoes. We have a large amount of beefsteaks that are coming along nicely but none have changed colour quite yet.




Our pepper plants are doing quite well as well. While we have no ripe peppers yet our plants have produced. We have a tonn of chili peppers and a plethora of bell peppers growing. Now the fun part is waiting for the bell peppers to change colour so we know if they are red or yellow.




Our beets are finally ready for picking. They aren’t huge but that’s due to us not thinning them out properly once they were sprouted. Our first planting has produced some nice beets that we will eat later this week. I blame to steam them and use them on salads. YUMMY!



Our few carrots are growing strong. I am still hopeful to get to eat them at some point.


Spaghetti Squash

There is not much life left on these plants. We did enjoy one spaghetti squash already and have another picked. We have 4 on the plants still with hopes that they survive and grow bigger.<br


How has your garden turned out this year??