Growing up my family always had a garden. We would grow everything from corn on the cob to beans to tomatoes. It was always thrilling to be out there and be a part of picking the produce!! My grandparents also had a huge garden and I have many fond memories of digging potatoes up with my cousin and sisters. The satisfaction I felt as a child to be a part of growing something was amazing. I cannot imagine what it feels like to be a farmer like Ken and Martha at Orchard Hill Farm and to know that your hard work and labour is benefiting so many people.

Each week they amaze us in the quality and quantity of the produce they provide for our CSA members. This week was more of the same. This week our CSA members received:
-2 beets
-1 cucumber
-2 quarts of beans
-2 quarts of potatoes
-2 onions
-head lettuce
-2 summer squash
-1 quart tomatoes
-1 box raspberries
-1 melon
-3 ears of corn
-herb: dill
-extra: Swiss chard

Here is the spread (minus corn and potatoes) as displayed by a CSA member.