Many people are probably a bit uncertain when signing up for a CSA share if they have never done it before. It can be risky to buy into a farm program. If the harvest is plentiful, you benefit from it. If it turns out to be a not so great season then unfortunately you feel that too.  But one of the best parts of being a part of a CSA is that you are receiving in each delivery, FRESH, LOCAL and ORGANIC produce at an amazing price.

A sample of our recent CSA bins.

A sample of our recent CSA bins.

If you are interested in experiencing a CSA delivery and seeing what it is all about we do occasionally have bins come up for you to try out. When our customers are away and have no one they would like to send their bin to, they will ask us to see if anyone is willing to purchase one. This is where you come in. If you are interested in trying out a CSA bin then let us know and we can include you on our list. When one of our customers notifies us that they have a bin available we will work our way through the wait list to find someone to take it.

To add your name to the wait list please use this form to let us know or email us at