This week the gardens were plentiful, especially in the summer squash department! Each share was to receive 2 summer squash but they were so abundant that Martha from Orchard Hill Farm gave us a whole bin full of summer squash to share with you! Everyone got some extras! There are many, MANY ways to use all the summer squash. You can look at some of the recipes we posted last week or make zuchinni bread, zucchini soup, or use it in stir fry, frittata, omelettes and soups. You can also just cut it up, cover it with balsamic vinegar and olive oil (or many other options), and fry it or grill it.


Our bins this week contain:
-3 ears of sweet corn
-1 tropeana onion
-1 quart of potatoes
-1 quart of tomatoes
-1 pepper (green or purple)
-Mesclun mix
-1 head of broccoli
-2 summer squash (plus all the extras)
-Herbs: basil, cilantro and dill

We hope you enjoy as always and please share your summer squash recipes with us!!